Memorial Service for Funerals

“The official attire for all Omega Men is defined as: a dark suit (black or navy blue); a white dress shirt; a solid Royal Purple tie; black socks, and black dress shoes. Unless stated otherwise, official Omega Attire is required for all official Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. functions. A Brother not properly attired should not participate in a function calling for Official Omega Attire. This includes functions such as Omega Memorial Services…”



White gloves are also required.

REFERENCE: Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., Protocol and Etiquette Manual, Appendix B, Section II. Responsibilities of Every Omega Man!, section 3. Official Attire of Omega Men and Proper Wear of Other Fraternity Regalia. Supersedes all previous versions in use effective 03/30/16.



Omega Chapter Announcement Form

INSTRUCTIONS: To help ensure timely dissemination to the Brotherhood, the Chapter Basileus, KRS or Chaplain should complete this form as fully as possible, and submit it as soon as possible to the Honor Guard Committee.

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Memorial Service for Funerals

The following provides a summary listing of items for Chapter consideration and inventorying for availability and use during the Memorial Service for Funerals.

  1. Bible Mark sections for Psalm 90, verses 1 through 12.
  2. Gloves - white Every Brother participating in the funeral procession must wear white gloves. White gloves with Omega shields on the back should not be worn showing the shield and may be reversed (palm side down) to obscure.
  3. Baton The baton shall be carried aloft held high, typically by the Keeper of Peace (KOP), or a designated Brother, as he leads the procession and recession.
  4. Chapter shield Place centered in front of the casket or designated memorial photo of the deceased placed, or otherwise prominently place at the front near the memorial service area. Maintain sufficient spare batteries if an electronic, lighted shield.
  5. Chapter banner Place prominently at the front near the memorial service area.
  6. Candles - white, four Candles should be of equal length prior to use. Ensure wick will light. Maintain sufficient spares, as needed. Recommended are both lighted candles with a lighter and matches, and electric candles with sufficient spare batteries if open flames are not permissible in sanctuary.
  7. Candle holders - silver or gold While not required for electronic candles, it is advisable for open flames for safety and to help ensure wax does not damage sanctuary flooring. Alternatively, wax guards - i.e., disposable paper collars - may be used.
  8. Binder/folder prep kit - purple, black or white only While not required, the recommended content that might be compiled therein could include a copy of the ritual, or.

                          - Ritual, or text excerpt of the Memorial Service for Funerals dialogue
                          - Biography of the deceased Brother
                          - Poem, “When We Wear the Gloves” (optional) – to be read prior to the procession
                          - Related Honor Guard documentation for reference





By Brother Dr. Carver A. Portlock

When we wear the gloves
A brother has gone from our midst And sailed to golden shores.

When we wear the gloves
A friend has passed the final test And walks through purple doors.

The circle has an empty place A voice will raise no more The song of fellowship and love Uplift forevermore When we wear the gloves.

When we wear the gloves
A light goes from this earthly life The visor closed again
Yet all the heavens open wide To let a new star in.

When we wear the gloves
A brother leaves the chapter roles And moves to other worlds For when we say our last goodbye He walks on streets of pearls.

When we wear the gloves.


Honor Guard Committee

Corridor 1

Bro. Troy Manigault

Bro. Lamonte Tyler
Vice Chairman

Bro. Eric Johnson

Corridor II

Bro. Greg Bunkley

Corridor III

Bro. Keir Pemberton

Corridor IV

Bro. Eric Dennis

Corridor V

Bro. Steve Schmidt

Bro. Kirk Wilkinson

Bro. Dana Farmer