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Chapter Chaplain's Corner

Chapter Chaplain's CornerPresented by
Bro. Christopher Curry, Di
strict Chaplain

Genesis 9:17, 20 & 21

And God said unto Noah, This is the token of the covenant, which I have established between me and all flesh that is upon the earth. (20) And Noah began to be an husbandman, and he planted a vineyard: (21) And he drank of the wine, and was drunken; and he was uncovered within his tent.

It’s Not A Time… To Be Drunk!

In 1963… 47 Years AgoDr. King Spoke Of A Vision… That Dealt With A Country And A People… Where Color Would Not Be The Determining Factor… For Their:… Servitude… Class… Or Creed… He Saw This Nation And People… As A United Front… Where The Pettiness Of The Elite… Would Dissipate The Oppression Of The Rejected… And Those Who Were Rejected… Would Rise To Become:… The Trend Setters… The Torch Bears… And The Trailblazers… Of This Newly Formed Society!

In Other Words… It Was Dr. King’s Dream… That One Day: After Losing More Of His People In The Atlantic Ocean… Then The Jews Lost In Their Holocaust!... After Surviving Through 244 Years Of Slavery!... Struggling Through 100 Years Of Jim Crow Laws!... After Making It Through 30 Years Of Segregation!... After Matriculating Through A Life-Time of Racism And Second Class Citizenship!... After The Frustrations Of  Walking In The Rain… Crying In The Middle Of The Night… Fleeing From Bomb Threats… AND… Experiencing Unleashed Fire Hydrant And Dogs;… That Those Who Were Apart Of His Succeeding Generations… Would Be: Prepared, Selected And Chosen To Manifest In The Natural, What God Had Intended For Them In The Spiritual!

It Is Suppose To Be This Generation, Who Would Literally Change The World: Be Better Education, Seize Great Opportunities And Make Greater Things Happen; But Immediately After God Gave Us Our First SignIn The Form Of President Barak Obama, It Appears That We Voted, Celebrated His Election, Sat-Down, And Got Drunk!

But My Brothers… This Is The Wrong Time… To Be Drunk! Because Being Drunk At This Time… Is Both:… An INJUSTICE And A DISGRACE!

I Will Agree That This Is An Exciting Time For, Not Only African Americans, But For America As A Whole!  But If You Think, By Just Getting Someone Elected Is The End All, Be All And The Answer To All Of Our Problems… You’re Drunk!

  • If You Think That You’ve Done Everything You Needed To Do, By Registering To Vote And Getting Obama In Office… You’re Drunk!
  • If You Think That Now That You’ve Got Your Pictures, Cups And All of Your Obama Material, And Can Say That We Did It,  And Go Back To Business As Usual… You’re Drunk!
  • If You Think… That You Can Go Back To Being Apathetic And Lethargic; And Thinking That Somebody Is Going To Give You SomethingYou’re Drunk!

You May Be WonderingWhere Am I Going With This… As I Sit And Watch What’s Happening To Our Young People, I Have Become Very Convinced That We Are Drunk Off Of The Foolishness Of Deception! Because Racism Still Exist, But The Legacy Of Dr. King Stands To Remind Us That Our View Of Racism Must Change. Because We Can No Longer Play The Role Of A Victim In Racism, When We Have Been Given A Victimized Champion!

So Allow Me  To Offer You 3 Sobering Pills… That Will Naturalize The Poison Of Drunken… That Have Been Injected Into This Generation!

Pill #1… Reject The Perceived Notion… That You Are Worthless
Dr. King Said,… “That The Fiber Of A Person Is Not Determined During The Time Of Their Comfort But During The Times Of Their Controversy!”… Regardless Of The Controversial Comments And Innuendos That You Have Heard Or Read On ABC, CBS, NBC Or CNN… This Generation Is Destined For Greatness!... People Say That This Generation Is The Lost Generation.  I Disagree, Because Unlike Other Generations, This Generation Was Left Behind! The Very Same People Who Attempt To Inject This Poison Of Negativity Into This Generation, Are The Very Same Demonical Demented Individuals Who Forgot About The African Proverb That Says… “It Takes A Whole Village To Raise One Child.”

If You Watch… What The Media Is Saying About This Generation… You Can Easily Come To The Conclusion… That The Only Thing That They Do Is Spend Their Time:

Dropping And Copping-Out

Taking Pills Just for Thrills

Smoking Dope Because You’ve Lost Hope

Laid Back And Selling Crack

Illing And Chilling

Being Cool… While Missing School

Acting Like Fools… While Disobeying… All The Rules

This Is Why… It’s Not The time… To be Drunk!... Because If You Are Drunk… You Will Miss-out On the Promise That God Has Destined For His People!

Pill #2...           Never Forget About The Struggle

Every-Time You Step And Make Any Form Of Accomplishment In Life, Know That You Are Standing On The Shoulders Of All Other Brothers And Sisters, Who Fought Hard To Make Your Life Free In America… And Dr. King Was Adamant About This Pill When He Said, “The Only Thing Evil Needs To Win… Is For Good People To Say Or Do NOTHING!”

But It Goes A Little Deeper Than That, While Standing On Someone Else’s Shoulders You Have To Respect The Fact That It Was Blood, Sweat, Tears And Prayers That Gave You The Opportunity To Be Where You Are Today!... It’s Not By Chance Or Luck That You Are Sitting And Even Reading This Message…  Somebody Died For This Right!  So When You Walk And Talk, Hold Your Head High, Stick Your Chest Out, And Make Your For-Parents Proud Of Her Exceeding Generations.

Always Remember… That Your Fore-Parents Were: Stolen From Africa; Loader Into Ships Like Rats; Drowned In The Atlantic Ocean; Sold-Out By Our Own People; Subjected To Task Masters Who Hated Them: Beaten And Lynched; Forced To Change Their Names, Culture, And Language; Raped And Robbed Of Their Culture; Denied The Right To Vote; Taunted And Torched; And Abused And Misused… But The Good News Is… God Has Always Been Faithful… To The Rejected… Meaning… No Matter What Was Done To Us, We Knew That: That Soon We Would Be Done With The Trouble Of This World; That We Were Going To Lay Down Our Burdens Down By The Riverside; And That We Would Manifest Like DIRT…In Other Words… We Could be: Spat On, Stumped And Mistreat… But At The End Of The Day… We Would Still It Would Rise!

Finally…  Pill #3… Be Connected With Our Creator

Isaiah 43  “Fear Not For I Have Redeemed You… I have Called You By Your Name,… And When You Pass Through The WATERS,… I Will Be With You… When You Pass Through The RIVERS,… They Will Not Sweep Over You… When You Walk Through The FIRE,… You Will Not Be Burt”… Which Means, Our God Never Sleeps Nor Slumber; That Our God Will Not Sufferer Our Foot To Be Moved; That Our God Will Always Flip… The Enemy’s Script; That Our God Works Everything Together For Our Good; And That No Weapon Formed Against You Will Prosper!

So Lift-Up Your Head And Be Lifted Up, Because God Is On Our Side And We Will Reach The Point Of Our Greatness, Only If We Remain Sober To The Realities Of This Unrealistic Society That We Live In.

This Is Exactly Why… It’s No Time To Be Drunk!