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Bro. Darren FailsWhen it comes to a life of service to Omega, fewer resumes are as diverse and complete than that of Bro. Darren Fails. With over twenty years of dedicated, fraternal service, Bro. Fails has made living his creed and honoring his oath a seamless part of his existence. A native of Jersey City, NJ, Bro. Fails attended Public School #24 and St. Peters Preparatory High School for Boys where he was a member of the football and wrestling teams. He graduated from “Prep” and matriculated at New York University in 1984. While at NYU, Darren majored in communications and was also a four year member of the Violets wrestling team, serving as co-captain his junior and senior years. In 1988, Darren graduated from NYU with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication Studies.


Darren was initiated into Omega through Epsilon Chapter in 1986 while a student at NYU. Darren’s attraction to Omega rings with the straightforward no-nonsense tone that so many have grown to affectionately associate with anything involving his name: “As a student in high school,” he states, “I was familiar with fraternities and sororities. I always thought I would join a fraternity once I went to college. When I got to college, my brief research indicated Omega was the best fraternity of all the others. I realized the Fraternity’s four cardinal principles; Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance and Uplift gave name and definition to the manner in which I was already living. I was fortunate to meet some good Omega men who taught me more about the Fraternity. My good fortune was further realized when some of those same Omega men, seeing the potential in me, invited me to join the Fraternity.”


Since 1986 Darren has served the Fraternity in various capacities on the chapter, district and international levels. Bro. Fails has been both the Epsilon Chapter Keeper of Finance and Basileus. He has also chaired and served as a member on virtually every chapter committee over the course of his time in the Fraternity. On the District level Darren was a three time Undergraduate Representative to the District Council and a member of the 2nd District Constitution and Bylaws Committee prior to becoming its present chairman. In addition to his duties as chairman, he is also a member of the District Recommendations Committee. In the past, Darren has also served on the International Recommendations Committee.


Over the course of his twenty-two years in the Fraternity, Bro. Fails’ commitment toward service has been recognized repeatedly on various levels throughout the Fraternity. In 1990 he was honored as the 2nd District Undergraduate Omega Man of the Year. Epsilon Chapter has also shown it’s gratitude toward Darren with various certificates of appreciation, the most notable award coming in 2001, at its annual Achievement Week Celebration, where Epsilon Chapter honored Darren with its first Leadership Excellence Award for his leadership and dedication as basileus of the chapter.


Professionally Darren has worked as a fraud investigator for the New York City Human Resources Administration Bureau of Fraud Investigation for the past twelve years where his duties include investigating possible instances of fraud and violations of the City’s public welfare programs.


Darren believes that every member of the Fraternity has certain rights from and responsibilities to the Fraternity. As chairman of the Constitution and Bylaws Committees he hopes to keep brothers informed of their rights through the Fraternity’s Constitution and Bylaws as a means of increasing each brother’s individual sense of responsibility to the fraternity. It is the goal of Bro. Fails to make Omega the best it can be and through the collective effort of every Omega man everywhere holding it up to the world as a shining example and a beacon of hope within downtrodden society.