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Second District Historical Sketches 1947-1973


The late Brother Irving H. Selden of Epsilon Chapter of N.Y.C. was the founder and first Editor of the Omegan and it was the official Voice of the District. Following Brother Selden was Brother Felmon Motley who gave the Omegan an added distinction. Brother Wiliam Brazier succeeded Motley and Brazier gave the Omegan an added pictorial and editorial scope. Our District Directors have continued publication of the Omegan and its excellence and they have maintained its high quality and high standards of good journalism in publicizing the Second District and the Editors have contributed materials to our National publication, the Oracle.


All of the District Representatives have been Brothers with dedication, men of vision, character, and action. In succession, they escalated the programs of the District to a higher plateau of Omega Brotherhood each year. Time no space will permit us to list all of their names for the past 25 years; but we wish to report some of the most important activities and important events during their time and under their dynamic leadership. One of the most important events of the Annual District Conferences was the TALENT HUNT PROGRAMS WHICH HAS BEEN COMPETITIVE ON THE LOCAL AND DISTRICT LEVELS. The District has been able to send outstanding participants (winners in the District) to the various Grand Conclaves. The idea of a Talent Hunt Program was created due to the fact that many Black youth were unable to display their talents as other ethnic American youth in our communities.


Thus, we must salute Brother Alphonso J. Patterson, District Chairman. Brother Patterson also conducted the Martin Luther King Male Glee Club of the Theodore Roosevelt High School in the Bronx, N.Y. Because of the talent and leadership of Brother Patterson the Glee Club made a European Tour.


Another example of Omega Men's strength and an effort to move Omega on the front line of community involvement, Brother Samuel C. Coleman of Upsilon Tau Chapter in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and Co-Chairman of the National Social Action Committee, devoted three years research and campaign to create a $10 million housing project in Brooklyn, N.Y. The housing project was named in the Honor of the late Langston Hughes, the Negro Poet, novelist, essayist, and playwright. Brother Hughes was an active member of Xi Phi Chapter in New York City. During the sixties, Mayor John V. Lindsay of N.Y.C., and with other officials and Brothers officiated at the dedication of the Langston Hughes Branch, Public Library in Jamaica, Long Island, N.Y.


Through his leadership Brother James S. Avery (at the urging of Brother William Jason) created the first Shirtsleeve Conference in September of 1963. The first Shirtsleeve Conference was held at the Palmer Inn, on Route #1 (near the current Hyatt Hotel) and the Brothers of Delta Upsilon of Trenton, N.J. were the host for several years. Because of its importance to new programs for the District other chapters became the host for the conference. During this early growth of the District, Brother Lovell "Skip" Sutherland organized and successfully held the program "Books and Education for Africa". Another District program that was fostered was the social action program named EDDAN. However, this program did not reach its full potential.


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