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Brother Thomas E. Lee, Jr Flood Relief


Brothers of the Mighty Second District!

Several locations to include Haiti and the Bahamas, and the states of Florida, South Carolina and Georgia were devastated by flood waters from Hurricane Matthew.  One of our own, Brother Bro. Thomas E. Lee, Jr., 7-Spr10-AY, whose family resides in South Carolina, and specifically, his home and hometown is completely underwater and the residents are in dire need of help.  His grandmother, mother, father, sister, and uncle all lost their homes, cars, and all of their possessions as a result of this hurricane/flood. They were awakened on the morning of October 10th, by National Guard soldiers directing and demanding them to leave immediately. The residents were airlifted out of the flood waters by helicopter. This is a state of devastation and emergency for our brother and his family needs our help.  His father is a retired Vietnam Veteran and his paternal grandmother works as a registered nurse and were entering retirement in their family home. Unfortunately, his family does not have flood insurance to cover their homes and all they have lost.

We are asking all brothers of the 2nd District to contribute what they can to help Brother Thomas E. Lee, Jr’s family recover.  All proceeds will be used to defray the costs associated with storm recovery efforts.

The Gofundme link for distribution on Thomas' behalf is at the link below:


Please donate what you can to assist this worthy brother and aid his family get back on their feet after losing everything from Hurricane Matthew.  Also, continue to pray for Brother Lee all those effected by this devastating hurricane.

We will coordinate through the omega charities to assist Brother Lee also.




Sherman L. Charles, LM#2143

35th District Representative, 2nd District 

112 Cross Foxes Drive

Ft Washington, MD  20744

(O) 301 225-7390; (C) 301 655-5117 evenings